«Coup au Vent» – Michelangelo Lupone for Three SkinActs

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2015 Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s International Electronic Music Week Concert Series
New Sounds from Around the World II

Time: 19:45, Oct. 22
Location: Shanghai Symphony Hall·Chamber Hall
«Coup au Vent» — Michelangelo Lupone for Three SkinActs


Co-commission : Grame/Electronic Music Week

Duration : 25 min


Michelangelo Lupone, concept, composer

Philippe Spiesser, percussionnist

Yann Orlarey, technologic development Faust

Laura Bianchini, artistic consultant

Emanuela Mentuccia, project assistant

Maurizio Palpacelli, technical and audio assistant

Technology : CRM (Rome) and Grame (Lyon)


On the stage a performer and three big drums (SkinActs) tell the story of a primitive rhythm that changes and evolves into a complex symphony of timbres. The sounds, short and percussive, gradually unveil the details of their intimate nature and are prolonged up to create a dense and articulated texture of sound events.


Each drum has its own identity, interacts with the performer responding in a different way to the energy, the speed, the position, the sequences of beats and gestures imposed on the membrane. The performer generates and models the vibrating matter, accompanying with his gesture the sound’s movement in the listening space.

The membrane’s vibration radiates in the air its resonances that create a counterpoint of abstract and immaterial forms.


The work is a commission by GRAME centre national de création musicale of Lyon and EMW-Conservatory of Shanghai, 2015, realized at Centro Ricerche Musicali – CRM of Rome. The SkinActs are membrane augmented instruments, conceived by the composer and they use control technologies based on the language Faust (GRAME, Orlarey).


Philippe Spiesser


Philippe Speisser
From 2012, Philippe Speisser is in residence to CRM in Roma (Centro
Ricerche musicali Roma) wher he participates to research about new
acoustic instruments augmented by electronics, and specially with
Feed drum and SkinAct created by Michelangelo Lupone.




SkinAct is an augmented percussion instrument. It is composed of a 20 centimetres high on which a 40 inches membrane is set, for a total diameter of 106 centimetres. A sensor and a vibrational actuator are placed on the membrane. A 21 circles and 13 diameters map, designed on the membrane surface, put in evidence the vibrational nodes which allow the selection of the partial instrument frequencies. SkinAct represents a progress in the study of the vibrational characteristics already observed in the augmented instrument Feed-Drum (Lupone, 2002) and makes
its interactive character evolve considerably.
The SkinAct has a vibrational detector and an actuator placed in feed-back condition through the membrane. This characteristic allows choosing different tuning modes (with a fundamental frequency between 30 and 45 Hz) maintaining a wide range selection of partial frequencies. These ones are selected imposing vibrational nodes connecting the circles and the diameters of the map. The skin characteristics have been accurately studied and chosen also to allow the dynamic projection of light in relation with the performer’sgesture.
The SkinAct is anchored to a mechanical system which permits its use in both vertical and horizontal position, at variable heights.
The SkinAct, like the Feed-Drum, allows the insertion of dynamic controls for sensor and actuator, with algorithms specifically implementedon Mac and PC platforms.
Designed by composer Michelangelo Lupone for his composition “Spazio curvo” (curved space), it was produced by Centro Ricerche Musicali – CRM of Rome in 2011, and was presented for the first time in May 2012 at HEM – Haute Ecole de Musique, Geneva



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Special Thanks to :Istituto Italiano di Cultura Shanghai



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